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ANSIL SERVICES LTD could organise your office and set up a working system which will save you time, money and help your business becoming more profitable.

ADMINISTRATION services, among other, could include the following;

  • Maintaining the filing system of the Company to incorporate all correspondence vouchers.
  • Proper filing of Accounting and Banking documentation, intergroup communications etc.
  • Assisting with the raising of invoices and relevant follow up on the basis of the Companies’ Contractual commitments and rights.
  • Monitoring and controlling invoices received and / or obligations towards third parties.
  • Assisting with the Accounting follow up involved given the nature of activities of the Company.
  • Arranging for the dispensing of local expenses and the payments to local suppliers, utilities and Government bodies.
  • Calculation and payment of the Company’s Value Added Tax.
  • Calculation of Social Insurance of the Company.
  • Generally attend to the various requisite Accounting / Administrative matters of the Companies as these arise.

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